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HAROLD EDGE- Illustrator- A 2019 nominee for the Project Fanboy Best Independent Artist award, Harold has been a workhorse since he has joined the ESSENTIAL Bullpen. With many triumphant projects under his belt, Harold has added a special touch to the QUANTUM title.

JEFF EDWARDS- Illustrator- Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Jeff has worked on multiple indy-titles including books for BOOM!, Squint, and IDW before coming to ESSENTIAL. He has also dabbled in the multi-faceted world of table-top games, doing illustrations for Fire and Ax, Kings of Air &Steam and Manhattan Project. His perspective of the BENCHMARK5 title has perfectly translated the power and spirit that was intended for the project.

ALONSO ESPINOZA- Colorist- Alonso never imagined the world without color and his expertise is displayed throughout ESSENTIAL. An artist and Graphic Designer for several years, he is a digital genius. He has had clients like Retroactive Records, Bombworks Records, Imágica Ediciones, Kingstone Comics, Abyssmal Entertainment, DC Comics and Frog the What Games. He is truly the virtuoso that has brought ESSENTIAL to life.

KEN HUNT- Editor- A self-taught artist who has worked in comic industry for more than 25 years. Published comic book artist and logo designer for numerous independent companies including About Time Comics, AC Comics, DC Comics, Daystar Studios Entertainment, Cryptic Magazine, Jam Packed Productions, Fantagraphics Books, Carnal Comics, B-Brand Comix, and many more.

NIKOLE McDONALD-JONES- Illustrator / Writer- 'Spooni' as she is known in social media, is an pioneer of creation. She has developed her craft in multiple venues of visual and physical arts. She is an accomplished freelancer, actor, creator, and director; currently with five published novels and a slew of art pieces for various publishers including previous projects with Marvel.

Andres Felipe Obando- Colorist- Felipe is a graphic designer and a self-taught artist and colorist. Among his clients are Uncharted Wilderness Studios, MWP Comics and several other freelance projects. Felipe's ultimate goal as a colorist is to bring stories to life, using light, color and texture to convey exciting atmospheres.

ENRIQUE SAVORY- Illustrator- 'Zeke' is a powerful artist that has been in the industry for over 10 years. His unique touch has been associated with multiple published projects including his first project in 2007. Enrique has added his expertise to our character development and design as well as his illustration of the ESSENTIAL title, ROUGH JUSTICE.

V. 'Coach' Monroe- Founder/Writer- Coach is the creator of the ESSENTIAL Universe. As US Navy Disabled Veteran, he has been collecting, reading, writing and illustrating comics since he was six years old. Finally able to dedicate his life to this dream, Coach has brought together a staff who's enthusiasm matches his own passion concerning the success of ESSENTIAL. He is totally committed to the development of characters that make the reader 'Dare to Dream'. 

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