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Mid-Atlantic Youth Basketball Federation

The Mid-Atlantic Youth Basketball Federation (MAYBF) is a regional organization that is committed to organizing and promoting youth basketball events with the purpose of opening opportunities for those student-athletes with the love of the game. Our mission is to provide reasonably priced opportunities for teams to compete in quality events that lead to a national championship that is attended by collegiate coaches. We want to be the incubator that helps our Federation members, reach their collegiate goals. By providing an environment of fairness and competitiveness, we wish for Federation members to excel beyond their highest dreams.

All MAYBF teams will automatically qualify for the National Championship. The District events will help teams place and position themselves for the National’s pool play and ranking. It will also give teams and players the opportunity to be scouted and ranked for our FASTBREAK Scouting Report.

Teams are asked to select two district events that they will attend. During these events, teams will play against other MAYBF member organizations as well as some ‘wildcard’ teams (teams that have not registered with the Federation) that are just looking for extra games. These events/games are considered regular season games for the MAYBF teams. The scores, stats and performances for these games will be recorded and posted on our website and will be used for ranking teams and players within the Federation. The teams that win their respective division will not receive trophies but will be recognized on the Federation website and within the quarterly newsletter sent to college coaches.

To sign you team up, please fill out the registration form below (once for each team) and pay the $500 registration fee. Within 48hrs, you will receive your teams' confirmed 2017 schedule.

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