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All stories are written by 'Coach' Monroe


Illustrated by Jeff Edwards

BENCHMARK 5 is the prototypical hero group that was created to set the standard of what the 'perfect' hero group should resemble ... but as we all know, perfection is almost impossible to reach. When you take 5 young adults with fantastic, newly found super abilities, things can go wrong in a hurry.


Illustrated by Harold Edge

Quantum is a Jamaican-born, ex-Navy S.E.A.L., that has been given the ability to tap into an endless amount of energy. A level of energy that she must learn to control before it consumes her and those that she has sworn to protect. 

Rough Justice

Illustrated by Enrique Savory

TEAM Justice was assembled to protect the most concentrated area of technological development in the country, Research Triangle Park, NC. As technology continues to drive the growth of humanity,their challenges and adversaries are constantly growing. Follow Jammer as he leads this group of adventurers into the depths of the darkest level of crime, just to protect the community, the country and the world that he calls home.

Sizzle and Boom

Illustrated by Harold Edge

A special duo of teenage siblings that have inherited special abilities by mysterious means. Both able to control electricity in their own way, these two young ladies have been birthed to save the world and an introduce society to a new wave of hero. What fun is it to be young ...

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