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About Us

ESSENTIAL Comics is a comic book publisher based in Cary, North Carolina. Our goal is to introduce heroes who will embrace the imagination of our readers. By focusing on structured plots that have multidimensional characters, we are able to bring our heroes to life. This, in turn, will allow our teenage and adult readers to relate to them as much as we do.

How We Started

Our company began with our founder’s passion for collecting comic books, which he has been doing since he was young. As a disabled veteran, he has had many experiences in life that have given him amazing ideas, and now he wants to share them with other people through the stories in our comic books.

Our Plan

We know that any start-up business has trials and challenges that it must overcome. Ours is mainly to build a demand for our products. Within the next few months, we will be initiating multiple campaigns intended to draw attention, support, and a following for our efforts. We hope that you will be one of our biggest followers.

We invite you to help us raise funds for our headline title, Quantum. Check out our Kickstarter page to get started. Additionally, you can get weekly updates on our growth and development by visiting our Facebook page.

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